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Why we don’t do promotions

(Kickstarter projects, gofundme, etc.)

Due to our status of being a volunteer organization aimed at instruction to new and aspiring comic creators we do have a strict policy regarding the use of our promotional avenues. At this time, nor any time in the future, will we be promoting kickstarter or fundraising campaigns unless they fall into one of the following categories:

  • Have an educational component
  • Aimed at servicing the comic-making community at large
  • Are not based within publishing print or story specific products

These guidelines have been established in order to preserve our credibility as a free and open source teaching resource. If you have any questions please contact 

We don’t have the funds to advertise ourselves… For a good reason.

At this time has no plans to advertise itself. If you would like to volunteer an advertisement place for the project or Making Comics Worldwide, which we would readily welcome and be thankful for, please contact and one of our staff will connect with you promptly.

Why we won’t advertise your work

At this time, nor anytime in the future, will our site host advertisements for other projects, sites, or fundraising campaigns. We are a nonprofit educational website and we rely on our ongoing fundraising campaigns and user support drives to maintain a budget to run the project. Advertisements would be counteractive to our mission.