John Edingfield II


John is currently stuck in New Jersey.

He is the creator of the comic Rancidville.

John has done a wide variety of things over the years including delivering newspapers, working as a fry cook on a Navy Base, illustrated caricatures in Balboa Park, issued supplies in the Air Force, was a soldering technician for a government contractor, sold flowers in a grocery store chain, sold art supplies, drew cartoons for a newspaper, wandered illegally into Mexico, held the title of Advertising Art Director, was part of a cult, did graphic design for a computer magazine, sold chotchkies in a gift store, assembled refrigerators, managed an electronics distribution warehouse, and raised 2 children to adulthood.

He currently spends his time between his job, family, and art. He appreciates video games, binge-watching TV, pizza, really good stories, cartoons, and of course comics. You might find me on twitter occasionally. Batteries are included but not necessary.

Made by John Edingfield II: