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I joined Making Comics Worldwide at the end of 2014 as the “education guru” because I am motivated to create education platforms that transcend our current notions of “school.” I hope to facilitate a vision at MCW that encourages learners of all ages to tell their own stories, whatever they may be.

A short history: I was hired at High Tech High Chula Vista as one of its founding teachers in 2007. As a teacher at HTH, I designed interdisciplinary project-based learning curriculum that often integrated Humanities with art. I obtained my Master’s of Education in Teacher Leadership with the HTH Graduate School of Education, and continued on to become an adjunct faculty with the GSE. This year, I am based in Exeter, England, working as a Project-Based Learning Team Coach with the Innovation Unit. I will begin coursework to obtain a PhD in Leadership Studies with the University of San Diego in September 2015. Contact: patrick@makingcomics.com

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