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Character Design (For Your Portfolio)

LINK: Sheridan Portfolio Tips For Character Design

4_FWEBCharacter design can be difficult. This great website helps you understand how to break down the different ways you need to fundamentally design your character before you start using that character for production. This walkthrough was originally created as a helpful tutorial for future animators to develop their portfolio for entry into the Sheridan College Bachelor of Animation program.

Character design is paramount before beginning work on a printed page due to the need for consistency of design required to draw a character repeatedly over the course of a compendium of pages.


The Joys of Risk

What separates a good story from a great one? In many ways, less than what separates a great story from a terrible one. The greatest stories I’ve ever read, watched, or played in any mediums were the ones that took risks, that took their characters to new and dangerous places from where they couldn’t easily return.  These were the stories that made me excited to follow the characters, because I couldn’t guess what would happen next, but the intensity of what the heroes endured made me eager to tune in. Even when I didn’t think the direction the story was going in was a good idea, or when I found faults with the writing, I was still interested because the story was so unique and compelling. And I learned this from Chris Claremont, the man who made the X-Men great.