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79: San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Panel – Gutter Talk Podcast

There is nothing easy about making comics, whether it’s the art or the storytelling. Just flipping through the first few pages of your favorite story can be enough to intimidate even the hardiest of the artists out there. It really does take a fair amount of chutzpah to want to make comics. But fear not, for there are things out there that may not make it easy for you but can, if nothing else, make it easier. And that’s why we at Making Comics were excited to have assembled this group of people ranging from artists to editors, if not both, for the live Gutter Talk panel at this year’s Comic Con in San Diego, because we just had a feeling that they would be the ones to provide both inspiration and very useful knowledge.

Moderated by the Gutter Talk podcast host Adam Greenfield, the panel consisted of Mark Waid, writer of Daredevil and most recently the Archie comics, Christy Blanch, an educator and also writer for The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood, Chris Miskiewicz, the writer for Thomas Alsop, Rachel Dukes, creator of Frankie Comics, and Calista Brill, a senior editor with First Second Books. See what we mean? This panel was destined to be amazing and it certainly lived up to the billing. Download or stream the show and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

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[Teaser Trailer] Making Comics Gutter Talk LIVE at SDCC! – Gutter Talk Podcast

**tap tap tap**

Is this thing on? Yeah? You can hear me? Ok, good.

Hi, everyone. Adam here. Yes, your host. I know it’s been a few weeks but if you couldn’t tell, I’ve been a little busy. Also, usually this post is written in 3rd person but this is a bit of a special post so I’m going to do that thing in 1st person, if you all don’t mind. Who knows? Maybe this will become a trend.

Unless you’ve been under a rock or are new to us, I say either glad to see you’re free or welcome to the site, whichever suits your situation. Either way, you probably know by now that we had a live Gutter Talk panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and from what I remember, it was pretty great. It’s weird once you get up there and get on a roll. You sort of black out and the next thing you know a Comic Con employee is holding up a STOP sign. Where the heck did that 50 minutes go?!

From what I do remember, though, it was a pretty great panel. Just to be sure my memories were right, tonight I went back and listened. I stand corrected; it was an amazing panel. Everyone on there had great answers to the questions and made the panel a lot of fun. It was extremely inspirational and so far the highlight of my year.

What I want to share with you here is just a quick thing I pieced together, partly to dust off the microphones because it’s been a little while, but really because before I release the full panel in a couple weeks I want to give you a brief idea of some of the fun you’ll get to hear soon.


36: Chris Miskiewicz – Gutter Talk Podcast

Have you ever read the first line of a comic or graphic novel or any story, really, and you knew right away the story was going to be amazing? That’s what we at Making Comics felt when we got our ink-stained paws on “Thomas Alsop” and the words Chris Miskiewicz was putting down on paper. We knew the art by Palle Schmidt would blow us away but the story and how the plot develops was what made Adam and the rest of the team excited about having Chris on the show. Having met Chris at San Diego Comic Con this summer, it seemed both right and inevitable to have him on the podcast. Take a listen as Adam and Chris sit down to discuss writing, acting, and hooliganis- uh, research for future stories.