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64: Stephen McCranie – Gutter Talk Podcast

When it comes to creating art, it’s more than just the process or tools you are using. While those things are major factors in the big picture, pun intended, the philosophies of art are just as important. In this heavy Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Adam and his co-host Patrick Yurick sit down with Stephen McCranie, artist of “Mal and Chad” and creator of the website Doodle Alley, to discuss everything from Stephen’s beginning in art to separating the individual from the individual’s work. Yeah, we know. Deep, huh?

We pride ourselves in providing creativity-based information, whether it’s through the written word or these podcasts, and Stephen’s work fits that mold. After reading through Stephen’s “Brick by Brick,” a collection of artistic essays that act as a guide to comic creation, it just made sense that Stephen needed to be on the show. When it was all said and done, there was a sense of accomplishing a mission, as if our goal of information dissemination was met in a very successful way. However, Stephen was the perfect guest to make this happen.

If you’re struggling with the mental aspect of being an artist, you’re not alone. Furthermore, you’re not the first and won’t be the last. Consider this a good thing. It means there are people out there like Stephen McCranie who can provide experience-based knowledge and advice to help keep you on your path.