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17: Jason Brubaker, Nate Simpson, & Daniel Lieske (Classic #2) – Gutter Talk Podcast

It’s the last Friday of the month so we hit the way-back machine and go way back- what? This interview is only a couple years old? Oh. Uh, well, can I say we hit the shortly-back machine? Yeah? Great. Let’s try this again.

It’s the last Friday of the month so we hit the shortly-back machine- hmm, still doesn’t sound right. You know what? Just cue the wavy flashback lines. This is part 1 of the Nate Simpson interview with Jason Brubaker and Daniel Lieske. Maestro!


13: Jason Brubaker & Daniel Lieske (Classic #1) – Gutter Talk Podcast

Before there was Gutter Talk, and as crazy asĀ it sounds there was life before Gutter Talk, Jason Brubaker released numerous podcasts of his own and published them on Making Comics (dotCom) 1.0. When the baton was passed to Patrick Yurick and the gang, there was some concern Jason’s podcasts would end up lost, never to be heard from again, like that one sock that gets eaten by the drier. Or something. Well, the intent to re-release these amazing conversations with even more amazing artists was there from the beginning of Making Comics (dotCom) 2.0. We just needed to grow into our ears a little bit and figure out how to walk. Now that we no longer seem to be having gravity issues, it just seemed like the right time to re-release Jason’s podcasts.

This is the first re-issue of many to come with Jason Brubaker. In this episode, Jason’s guest and sometimes co-host Daniel Lieske.