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12: Shelley Couvillion – Gutter Talk Podcast

“Not only does the world have young geniuses but it also has old masters,” says Shelley Couvillion, artist for Storyforge Productions. Subscribe to it or not, that can be one heck of a realization to come to when you’re in the early stages of your art and comic creation career. And that’s not even counting the starving part. Shelley, though, doesn’t seem to be fazed by it. In fact, even though she’s still working on finding her voice, it’s pretty obvious she’s definitely on her way and when she does fully find it, well, let’s just hope she remembers the little people.

Adam is joined in consecutive weeks by Kevin as they sit down with Shelley, another Storyforger, to discuss the good, the bad, and the wow-I-can’t-believe-I-said-that.