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118: Graham Annable (#2) Gutter Talk Podcast

For many folks, our esteemed Making Comics Gutter Talk host included, winter is a difficult time of year. Time changes, cold weather, having to constantly correct yourself on the year because it changed and it’s hard to get in the new habit of writing the new year. We get it. But Spring is about to… well, spring, and it’s time to wake up the sleeping beast that is this podcast. And what better way to rub the sleep out of our eyes than with one of the podcast’s favorite past guests.

In this first episode of 2019, which was admittedly recorded in 2018, Adam is joined by writer, artist, director, and overall swell guy, Graham Annable. If the name sounds familiar, it could be because he was a guest on the podcast a few years back. However, there’s a pretty sizable chance you know the name from his wonderful work, such as the Laika production, The Boxtrolls, which he co-directed. It could also be from the hilarious and sometimes poignant sketches and comics, Grickle. Or maybe it’s from his more recent graphic novels, Peter & Ernesto, in which he is both artist and writer. And as you’ll see, most recently, part-time editor.


91: Graham Annable – Gutter Talk Podcast

We here at Making Comics take pride in the type of things we present to you, the artist and comic creator, from the articles to the tutorials to even our amazing Underdog community. The same goes for the guests we are lucky enough to get on the Gutter Talk podcast. Every guest we’ve had on the podcast and also the panels we’ve had at conventions has been a treat and an honor to have on the show. We really consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to gain insight and knowledge on how they perform and perfect their craft. This Gutter Talk episode continues that rich tradition in a major way.

In today’s episode, Adam is joined by Graham Annable, the co-director of the Academy Award nominated movie, The Boxtrolls, as well as the amazing animator and artist behind Grickle. One of the more gracious guests we’ve had on the Gutter Talk podcast, the conversations were open windows into Graham’s thought processes as not just the great artist he is but also what it takes to be a director, even if a co-director, on a major stop-motion picture.

The topics ranged from the difficulties and processes of what it’s like to be an effects artist on such an intricate movie (18 months to do a sub-two minute ballroom dance scene?!) to finding the time to create the Grickle shorts while still maintaining a happy, healthy family. It’s not easy but it appears Graham has found his groove. And yet he still manages to find ways to challenge himself within the craft of creating extraordinary art.