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1: Scott Marcano – Gutter Talk Podcast (S01E01)(112)

It’s finally here! It’s finally happening! The oh-so official first episode of the new “Gutter Talk Season 1” has arrived and it’s got all of us here at Making Comics more excited than we honestly have any right to be.

In case you haven’t heard (how that’s possible at this point, we’re not entirely sure), Gutter Talk is releasing in a new seasonal format. This season, we’re releasing 8 episodes each Friday – all filled to the brim with invaluable insights, terrific tools, and a little dash of Adam’s signature wit on the side. Okay, maybe a little more than a dash. You can even sign up here if you’re in the mood to get email updates (and possible behind-the-scenes goodies) from each episode on the day they drop. Because in this fast-paced day and age, a little reminder here and there never hurt anyone.

Anyhow, moving on to Episode 1! Esteemed host Adam Greenfield sits down in an unexpectedly pleasant park with artist, writer, and director Scott Marcano. Known the world around as the writer of the inimitable 90’s hit movie “Bio-Dome” and head of the Diablo Comics publisher, Scott’s enthusiasm for all things media is unstoppably contagious. Adam and Scott’s conversation jumps naturally between topics that range from video games and film rights for comics books to censorship and profanity to even the merits of print versus digital comics. This episode is brimming with deep industry knowledge that even the most battle-hardened comic creators will find enlightening. But don’t take our word for it. Give Episode 1 a listen and tell us what you think! And while you’re at it, drop us a little love on iTunes (or wherever you find your favorite podcasts) with a quick rating and maybe a review if you’re feeling especially happy to hear us back on the air!

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