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89: James Mulholland – Gutter Talk Podcast

Over the last two years, the Making Comics¬†Gutter Talk podcast has been fortunate enough to speak to amazing artists from international locations such as Canada, Australia, and Denmark. In today’s episode, we place a checkmark next to Ireland as Adam sits down with Irish writer and filmmaker James Mulholland. It was borderline middle of the night for James at the time of the conversation but a great conversation was had.

The episode begins with some political soapboxing but we promise,¬†it soon dives into comics and the arts, and also the love James has for the city of Orlando, Florida. Another topic that comes up is the late start James got when getting into comics. It’s just more proof that there is no single path an individual must take to become a comic artist.

One of these days the Making Comics Worldwide crew will travel abroad to spread the good word in person. There’s a reason the word “worldwide” is in our name. But until then, our next best option is to speak to folks outside of the United States through the Gutter Talk podcast. Sure, email works, too, but that’s just not nearly as much fun as speaking to someone online in person-ish. It really is the next best thing. You can take our word for it but we highly advise you listen to this episode with James Mulholland, and other podcasts, for yourself.