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81: Chris Hunt – Gutter Talk Podcast

We here at the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast are not promoting anarchy. Still, as you’ll hear in today’s podcast with Chris Hunt, maybe those in charge don’t know what they’re doing. This doesn’t mean start a riot but as Chris found out and explained, sometimes the adults get it wrong, like when he was told he’ll never be able to read at an early age, for example. He questioned that assessment and clearly overcame that obstacle, not letting others determine his path and accomplishments in life. In the world of art and comics, this fortitude and resolve will come in handy. In fact, it already has.

In this episode, Adam talks to Chris about overcoming hurdles like a champ, as well as what it’s like to be old school in a new school world. The term Luddite even comes up a few times. Still, one of the more inspiring things you’ll hear in today’s episode is Chris’s drive to pursue a career and life he wants and seemingly will get. After you listen to this episode, we’re pretty sure you’ll be hardpressed to disagree.

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