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62: Jason Brubaker, Kazu Kibuishi & Jason Caffoe pt.2 (Classic #14) – Gutter Talk Podcast

Usually the Jason Brubaker re-issues are reserved for the last Friday of each month. However, when there are two parts to the conversation, it really does make more sense to release them concurrently. While Adam said it wouldn’t be until the end of March for Part 2, the backlash (which was wholly internal) was too much for Adam to bear, forcing him to adjust the schedule. It’s hard being a podcast host sometimes.

That said, the Gutter Talk podcast returns with Part 2 of the Jason Brubaker re-issue from last week with Kazu Kibuishi and Jason Caffoe. If you missed Part 1, click here. And the return of this week’s podcast also brings the return of Kevin Cullen to Adam’s apartment- uh, studio. Yeah, studio. That’s it. The big difference this week? No caffeine. If you were hoping for Caffeinated Kevin, sorry to disappoint you. We all enjoyed listening to Kevin deal with the rush of energy he was feeling pump through his veins but we here at Making Comics Worldwide feel its best if we ease you into Caffeinated Kevin. You don’t want to build up a tolerance, do you? You’ll thank us later.

In the extended intro, Calm-ish Kevin and Adam talk about the different kinds of music they listen to while on a creative streak and some of the various points of Part 2 of the conversation Jason Brubaker had with Kazu Kibuishi and Jason Caffoe. If you thought the first part of this conversation was enjoyable, there are plenty more head-nodding moments to come.


61: Jason Brubaker, Kazu Kibuishi & Jason Caffoe pt.1 (Classic #13) – Gutter Talk Podcast

We round out February with Part 1 of a stellar conversation between Jason Brubaker and the creators of Amulet, Kazu Kibuishi and Jason Caffoe. Before that, Adam is joined by Kevin to talk some Making Comics Worldwide shop, as well as a glimpse of what Kevin is like on caffeine.