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52: Jason Brubaker, Jeremy Barlow & Travis Hanson pt.2 (Classic #11) – Gutter Talk Podcast

We here at Making Comics Worldwide hope you had a great 2014 and we look forward to you joining us as we rush headlong into 2015. However, we still have one more piece of business to attend to, and that’s the final Gutter Talk episode of the year. It seems fitting that this episode is a re-issue of the one that started this whole thing, Jason Brubaker, and the second part of his conversation with artists Jeremy Barlow and Travis Hanson. If you missed the first half, click here. But first, Adam and Michael talk about holiday plans and other shop talk.

See you all next year! Ok, yeah, we know it’s next week. Just roll with it.



48: Jason Brubaker, Jeremy Barlow & Travis Hanson pt.1 (Classic #10) – Gutter Talk Podcast

Another great re-issue this week with Jason Brubaker and his guests Jeremy Barlow and Travis Hanson. If you aren’t familiar with their work, on your next break from finishing that panel you’ve been avoiding, get familiar with it. Listen to this podcast, the first half of this conversation, while you’re researching and working.

Before the conversation begins, Adam is joined by co-host Michael Yakutis to discuss the NaNoWriMo challenge Adam is finishing up, a very cool Secret Santa event with Webcomic Underdogs, and some of the finer points of the podcast you’re about to listen to.