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How Can A Manga Writer Transition Into Writing Western Style Graphic Novels?

Making Comics friend Sarah Weaver had a wonderful question that demanded a response: “How can a manga writer transition into writing western style graphic novels?”

Michael Yakutis, Private Comic Eye, led the investigation into the answering of Sarah’s question:

Writing a westernized graphic novel (like those found in North America or Europe) differs from that of a manga in various ways. Obviously the visual look of manga is greatly different from western comics, and manga comics can get away with using symbols to help convey emotion, such as popping veins and sweat drops on the forehead. Manga comics tend to place more emphasis on character emotions and reactions whereas western comics typically avoid overly-exaggerated character expressions unless they’re going for a more “cartoony” look.


41: Elaine Tipping – Gutter Talk Podcast

There’s nothing we at Making Comics Worldwide like more than when an artist shares their creative process. In fact, that’s really what’s at the heart of these podcasts. So when an artist is willing to give others a backstage pass into their creative process and not just talk about the process but provide pictures of it, too,  we get excited because of how much of a visual educational tool that is for others. Plus, it’s just really cool of the artist to be that open. So when Elaine Tipping, artist and co-creator of Dubious Company and others, sent over the images of her process, we weren’t sure if we could wait long enough to share the podcast and pictures. Join Adam and Marisa as they sit down with Elaine to discuss everything from kotatsu to her current Kickstarter project.


33: Doug Hills – Gutter Talk Podcast

Sure, it took a little while for us to get a manga artist (let alone manga expert) on the Gutter Talk podcast but we did it. And man, did we do it. Adam sits down one on one with Doug Hills, an artist, a teacher, and he also wrote Manga Studios for Dummies in 2008. While the topic of self-doubt came up, this conversation leaves no doubt that many things the artist experiences, from unnecessary self-doubt to misguided confidence, are a normal part of the process. You are not alone, all you random reading and listening artists out there. You are not alone.