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92: Glen Weldon – Gutter Talk Podcast

In society, the word “expert” is bandied about way too much. Rarely do you find the person it is referencing is actually an expert, someone with a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of a particular subject or skill. And, if humility is in play, that person wouldn’t call themselves an expert, either. Then there are nerds, or those that are highly focused on a particular subject or skill, and boy, do they seem to be everywhere. Most nerds would think they are experts but any expert would say they’re not.

In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Adam is joined by one of the leading experts- uh, nerds- no, great minds in the field of writing about and analyzing comics, Glen Weldon. He has written several books about comics already, including “Superman: The Unauthorized Biography,” so we’re pretty sure he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. It also helps that he’s a weekly contributor to NPR’s Monkey See about all things comics and pop-culture.

A majority of the ground covered by Adam and Glen in this Gutter Talk episode has to do with Glen’s book that was recently published by Simon and Schuster called “The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture.” Topics included whether or not there actually is a singular Batman or if everyone’s Batman is the right Batman, as well as how nerd-dom has simply become part of the current culture, sports included. Who knew Adam was into sports cosplay?

As a side note, if you happen to be at Wondercon the weekend this episode drops, please be sure to check out the Making Comics Graphic Novel Project table at DL-56. To top it off, we have a panel on Saturday at 11am in room 515A. Don’t miss it! But if you do, no worries. The panel will be released as a podcast in April.