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77: Marcus Kwame Anderson – Gutter Talk Podcast

Every week on the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast we do our best to make sure we bring you guests with wide ranges of experience and knowledge. Some guests in the past only recently made their foray into comic creation and some are, well, Mark Waid and Stephen Bissette. However, one topic that doesn’t come up as Adam would like sometimes is the amount of power an artist has in not just their skills but their talent. This week’s Gutter Talk guest, though, Marcus Kwame Anderson, is well aware of just how much power he has with his art. As a seemingly jack of all creative trades, Marcus uses his art and comics to not just please himself and consumers but to also make a statement. As you’ll hear, he has found out just how much positive change he can make. He hasn’t stopped trying since.

In this episode you’ll also hear some big news in the intro regarding the future of Gutter Talk. Ok, that sounds a little more ominous than intended but really, it’s all good. Just download, listen, and everything will be just fine.

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