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119: Palle Schmidt (#2) Gutter Talk Podcast

The Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast goes international. Again. In this episode, Adam is joined by Denmark’s own, Palle Schmidt. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s at least one of two things. Either you have heard the previous Gutter Talk episodes Palle was on, as well as the Comic Con panel back in 2014 moderated by Patrick Yurick, or it’s the amazing work he’s done in Thomas Alsop or Comics for Beginners, a site dedicated to educating those with the dream of creating comics.

In this episode, Adam and Palle discuss a wide range of topics. Whether it’s the inside scoop on Palle’s techniques as an artist or the various ways and differences artists are treated and respected between Denmark and the United States. They even touch on taxes. Taxes! We know, what do taxes have to do with comics? Well, directly, not much. But in the overall grand scheme of things, no one can escape them. Even underpaid artists.

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54: Palle Schmidt (3 Questions) – Gutter Talk Podcast

While our guest interviews are always amazing, we here at Making Comics Worldwide are always seeking out new ways to educate the masses on comic creation. One of these ways is a new format we’ve created called Three Questions. In these brief podcasts, artists will discuss three various aspects of their own personalized craft of comic creation.

In our inaugural episode of this exciting new format we hit the ground running with artist extraordinaire, Palle Schmidt.


Announcing The “Uniting The Worldwide #Makecomics Community” Panel At San Diego Comic Con International 2014

We are more than please to announce that we will be hosting an exciting new panel at San Diego Comic Con International 2014!

Details: Uniting the Worldwide Makecomics Community Join host +Patrick Yurick  (CEO of +Making Comics ) in this celebratory panel designed to connect the comic makers of the world.  The discussion will center around the status of the world-wide comic-making revolution happening on and off-line. Guest panelists include Mark Waid (Thrillbent, Daredevil),  Rachel Beck (Storyforge Productions), Jim Zub  (Skullkickers, Wayward), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience), Christina Blanch (SuperMOOC2, Damnation of Charlie Wormwood), and Palle Schmidt (Comics For Beginners, Thomas Aslop)

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8: Palle Schmidt – Gutter Talk Podcast

Adam and Patrick don’t let no stinkin’ ocean get in the way when it comes to the comic creation process. That’s why there was no hesitation when it came to scheduling an interview with Palle Schmidt, an artist, storyteller, and educator, from Denmark. Tjek det ud! That’s “check it out” in Danish, in case you didn’t feel like Googling it. You’re welcome.