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4: Patrick Yurick (#ComicFuel 7) – Gutter Talk Podcast (S01E04) (115)

How in the world could we do our first season of the Gutter Talk Podcast without bringing back the #ComicFuel podcast? The #ComicFuel podcast was launched as a question/answer show by our leader Patrick Yurick for the massively popular “How To Make A Comic Book” course on Coursera. Students from around the world submit questions and the seemingly endless fountain of facts bubbling inside of the brain of Patrick does its best to link them with the answers needed. On this seventh installment of #ComicFuel we cover questions like “Am I too old to make a living off of comics?”, “How do you manage a long-form comic project?”, “How do you learn to draw?”, and more. So pop on your headphones, get out a paper and pen, and draw while listening to Patrick traverse the world answering comic-making quandaries.

Jump-To Sections

  • [00:00:00] Support Ad
  • [00:00:25] Show Theme
  • [00:01:10] Introduction
  • [00:04:10] Graham Annable Book Club Announcement
  • [00:06:10] Season Intermission Announcement
  • [00:08:00] Season Patreon Campaign Announcement
  • [00:12:50] What happened to the ComicFuel podcast?
  • [00:20:15] Question #1: Am I too old to make a living off of comic books?
  • [00:25:15] Question #2: How do you start outlining a big comic idea that you have?
  • [00:29:27] Question #3: How do you manage a long-form comic project?
  • [00:31:34] Ad Break
  • [00:33:35] Question #4: How do you learn how to draw?
  • [00:43:20] Question #5: Who makes comics? Only aspiring comic creators?
  • [00:47:35] Question #6: How do you collaborate with a team making comics together?
  • [01:01:00] Closing Statements
  • [01:03:00] Show Outro


2: “The Sidewinder Mutiny” by Jupiter Saloon Presented by Gutter Talk Theatre (S01E02) (113)

The wait for Gutter Talk Episode 2 is finally over and things are about to get intergalactic!

You see, one of the most-heard bits of feedback we get from our beloved listeners is that they love listening to Gutter Talk while doodling or sketching or inking. They love the inspiration it brings as they push onward with their often tedious work. It’s sort of a way to give the brain something to focus on while the hands do all the heavy lifting.

Well, we took this feedback and we thought, “Hmm, what can we do to really up the ante in terms of entertainment and inspiration?” Suddenly the answer struck! “We’ll take our listeners to the theatre!” Adam joyously proclaimed. And thus Gutter Talk Theatre was born!

Not long after, we decided to team up with Podcation, (another project from the inimitable mind of our fearless leader, Patrick Yurick), to take you, our loyal listeners, away from your studios and drawing pads and send you deep into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, on an epic adventure filled with love, loss, and a maybe a stiff drink or two.

It is with great pleasure that Gutter Talk Theatre presents: Jupiter Saloon!

Please consider supporting us so that more episodes of the show can be released by donating at $1+ to the show on patreon:

About Jupiter Saloon

This sci-fi comedy audio drama centers on The Jupiter Saloon — a dive bar in space. It’s a place where weird characters from all over the galaxy come for a heavily poured drink, interesting conversation, and the possibility of adventure. Plus, patrons who are short on credits can settle their tab by telling a good story.

Sort of like Cheers meets Tales from the Crypt. In space!

Full credits for the Jupiter Saloon podcast are available here.

To learn more about Jupiter Saloon visit