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103: Stephen Bissette – Gutter Talk Podcast

We may have said this before and if so, we feel it is definitely worth repeating. Wow, it is so darn educational and amazing to speak with someone who has been in the comics industry for so darn long. This is why every Halloween, Adam looks forward to speaking with one of his favorite Making Comics Gutter Talk guests, Stephen Bissette. For the third year in a row, Stephen dispels humor, knowledge, and all around good times.

When Stephen talks about the history of comics, he’s not just talking about what has happened in the past. That side of the timeline has been well-documented and will forever be. In this episode Stephen does talk about the past but he also is sure to talk about the history of comics as both the present and the future. This also includes when he is teaching young, impressionable minds at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. And yet when his students challenge him on a topic, Stephen becomes the student in order to return to being a more effective teacher. In the example he gave, a student challenged him on Native American comics and culture. This caused Stephen to do his own homework, a great example that no matter who we speak with, we can never stop learning.

To open the Gutter Talk episode, just as we have done in previous Halloween episodes, we have a reading of an Edgar Allen Poe story. This year’s story was “The Cask of Amontillado” and was read by a horror master in his own right, Vincent Price. Boy, Poe sure does like burying things in his stories, huh?

Happy Halloween!


86: Stephen Bissette – Gutter Talk Podcast

It seems the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast has its first ritual and we couldn’t ask for a better one. You see, last year for Halloween we opened the show with a Vincent Price reading of a classic Edgar Allan Poe tale, which was followed by a fantastic talk with one of the masters in the horror movie and comic genre, Stephen R. Bissette. We had so much fun putting that podcast out that we decided it was imperative this become a regular thing. So we made that happen. You’re welcome.

Last year we opened with Vincent Price masterfully reading Poe’s “The Raven.” This year we have Vincent Price reading Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” While there may be some who can read a Poe story out loud, not many can give it the respect and justice it deserves like Vincent Price.

Following that Adam is joined again by Stephen Bissette to discuss what he’s been up to the last year, and as it turns out, he’s quite the busy guy. In the conversation they discuss what is needed to create a top-notch horror story, whether it’s in the comic form or otherwise. Stephen brought up what it was like to work with the amazing Alan Moore and how he crafted scripts for artists to work with. Needless to say, mind = blown.

So put your scary mask on and download this episode with Stephen Bissette. When you’re done listening, the amount of tricks and treats in your arsenal will be all the candy you’ll need. You know, until next Halloween when we get to do this again.


44: Stephen Bissette – Gutter Talk Podcast

Making Comics Worldwide celebrates its first Halloween with one of best in the horror genre since the ’70s, Stephen Bissette. With his past work on Swamp Thing and Heavy Metal, to name a few, as well as his current teaching position with the Center for Cartoon Studies, Stephen shares his amazing insights and knowledge with Adam and Patrick in topics ranging from comics education to being part of the inception of the 24 hour comic challenge with Scott McCloud.

To begin the podcast, for your Halloween pleasure, enjoy a spectacular reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” by Vincent Price.

[Tweet “There are more comic creators than comic consumers these days. @SRBissette”]

[Tweet “There are more comic creators than comic consumers these days. @SRBissette”]