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Announcing The “Uniting The Worldwide #Makecomics Community” Panel At San Diego Comic Con International 2014

We are more than please to announce that we will be hosting an exciting new panel at San Diego Comic Con International 2014!

Details: Uniting the Worldwide Makecomics Community Join host +Patrick Yurick  (CEO of +Making Comics ) in this celebratory panel designed to connect the comic makers of the world.  The discussion will center around the status of the world-wide comic-making revolution happening on and off-line. Guest panelists include Mark Waid (Thrillbent, Daredevil),  Rachel Beck (Storyforge Productions), Jim Zub  (Skullkickers, Wayward), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience), Christina Blanch (SuperMOOC2, Damnation of Charlie Wormwood), and Palle Schmidt (Comics For Beginners, Thomas Aslop)

Got questions or specific topics you want discussed? Tweet them to @Making_comics or leave a comment on this post!


10: Jeremy Rock – Gutter Talk Podcast

It took two tries because of a little technology mishap but that second time turned out to be a gem. Adam and Devin hang out with Jeremy Rock, the artist of eye-popping (and sometimes literally!) horror and zombie comics Luther and The Eighth Seal (among others) and discuss the world of digital comics. Take a listen and hear what Jeremy has to say about the future of comics in an ever-growing digital world, as well as what it takes to remain true to yourself and your art.


5: Christina Blanch – Gutter Talk Podcast

Is it a hangout? Is it a podcast? A hangcast? A podout? Adam and Patrick travel the interwebz long-distance for this hangpod. Or whatever. What matters is this: Christina Blanch is on the show!