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85: Vincent Kings – Gutter Talk Podcast

Oh, to be young again! Or just young, period. However, don’t let the not-quite-ripe age of 21 fool you when it comes to Vincent Kings, an up and coming artist in the Los Angeles area. He may have the energy of a young buck but he speaks with the depth and wisdom of a wise, old man that has been in the game for ages.

In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Vincent travels down to San Diego and over to Adam’s studio (and let’s be honest here, it’s really just his living room) to talk about what it takes to maintain pace and structure as an artist. You’ll also get to hear Vincent discuss some rules and guidelines he does his best to follow in order to aid in not just his successes now but the successes of his future.

Don’t get Vincent wrong, though. He fully understands he has a long way to go before he feels comfortable being the artist he seeks to be, even if that doesn’t happen until his last dying breath. Still, when you hear him speak about his process in both thought and action when it comes to art, you, too, will also question the accuracy of his stated age. Most of all, though, you will find yourself inspired enough to adopt his rules and practice them yourself.