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39: Jason Brubaker & Daniel Lieske (Classic #7) – Gutter Talk Podcast

We recently posted the live hangout Jason Brubaker and Daniel Lieske did for their successful Kickstarter campaigns, Sithra and Volume 1 of the book edition of Wormworld Saga, respectively. It’s only coincidence that this week’s flashback is with Daniel Lieske and about the Wormworld Saga. However, we get a unique look into where they once were in the process, as this conversation happened a couple years back, and just how far they’ve come along. Nothing like a little recorded time travel to gain knowledge.

However, before we listen in on that conversation, Adam and Kevin first discuss a few tidbits about the Making Comics Worldwide universe, highlight a couple points they noticed from listening to the podcast, and at times border on actual gutter talk. Hey, it’s not our fault childish double meanings exist.