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[Teaser Trailer] Wondercon 2015 – Gutter Talk Podcast

The Making Comics Worldwide crew returns to Anaheim for Wondercon 2015! That’s right. We’re back! And this time around we have an even more fantastic panel of guests to discuss storytelling in comics. The panelists include Jason Brubaker, Rachel Beck, Ted Washington, and others.

See you there, right? Right.


This year’s Making Comics Worldwide Gutter Talk Wondercon panel will be about storytelling in comics and will focus on the beginning stages of telling a story. For a lot of creative folks out there, sometimes the hardest part of telling a story is starting. Sure, it’s one thing to come up with a story idea. The tricky part, though, is fleshing out that story and making it come alive on paper. Join us April 4th at 10am in Room 211 to get the push you need.

The various aspects we’ll discuss are some of the more common steps of storytelling people can lose focus or even the entire story itself. Depending on the type of thinker you are, either the ideas are coming too fast to write them down or they’re just not happening fast enough. In this panel, all topics are on the drawing table and they will range from ideation, or creating the story idea, to world building to setting a schedule to make sure you stay on pace.

If you will be attending Wondercon this year, this will be the one panel you won’t want to miss. However, if you are not lucky enough to be there, fear not, friends. We will be releasing the panel as a podcast later on in the month of April. We do this because we care. Oh, and also for the art. Can’t forget the art.

Saturday, April 4th
10am Pacific
Room 211

Click here for more information.

Music: “It’s a Trap” by JO is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. (

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