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119: Palle Schmidt (#2) Gutter Talk Podcast

The Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast goes international. Again. In this episode, Adam is joined by Denmark’s own, Palle Schmidt. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s at least one of two things. Either you have heard the previous Gutter Talk episodes Palle was on, as well as the Comic Con panel back in 2014 moderated by Patrick Yurick, or it’s the amazing work he’s done in Thomas Alsop or Comics for Beginners, a site dedicated to educating those with the dream of creating comics.

In this episode, Adam and Palle discuss a wide range of topics. Whether it’s the inside scoop on Palle’s techniques as an artist or the various ways and differences artists are treated and respected between Denmark and the United States. They even touch on taxes. Taxes! We know, what do taxes have to do with comics? Well, directly, not much. But in the overall grand scheme of things, no one can escape them. Even underpaid artists.

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We have bold new experiment ready for you to enjoy this week – the very first ComicFuel Workshop podcast! Bizhan Khodabendeh’sPanel Layout: The Golden Ratio” from 2014 is our most popular article ever posted on our website. So, for season 1 of Gutter Talk we’ve decided to revisit the article in the form of a FREE WORKSHOP.

That’s right! We said FREE WORKSHOP!!!


5: Norm Harper – Gutter Talk Podcast (116)

We hope your ears are ready for more comic candy, because Gutter Talk has returned!

With Gutter Talk’s mid-season intermission behind us, Adam Greenfield is back at it with another incredible interview – this time with Eisner Award Nominated writer and publisher Norm Harper!

This week’s episode is filled with engaging conversation surrounding Norm’s breakout comic, Rikki, and what it means to take an old, well-known tale and spin it with a fresh, comic-style twist! Adam and Norm’s conversation also finds itself exploring the ideas behind belonging to a clan and finding oneself, walking between film and comics, jumping into the world of indie comics, fighting off imposter syndrome, and starting an incredible publishing company!

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2: “The Sidewinder Mutiny” by Jupiter Saloon Presented by Gutter Talk Theatre (S01E02) (113)

The wait for Gutter Talk Episode 2 is finally over and things are about to get intergalactic!

You see, one of the most-heard bits of feedback we get from our beloved listeners is that they love listening to Gutter Talk while doodling or sketching or inking. They love the inspiration it brings as they push onward with their often tedious work. It’s sort of a way to give the brain something to focus on while the hands do all the heavy lifting.

Well, we took this feedback and we thought, “Hmm, what can we do to really up the ante in terms of entertainment and inspiration?” Suddenly the answer struck! “We’ll take our listeners to the theatre!” Adam joyously proclaimed. And thus Gutter Talk Theatre was born!

Not long after, we decided to team up with Podcation, (another project from the inimitable mind of our fearless leader, Patrick Yurick), to take you, our loyal listeners, away from your studios and drawing pads and send you deep into the furthest reaches of the galaxy, on an epic adventure filled with love, loss, and a maybe a stiff drink or two.

It is with great pleasure that Gutter Talk Theatre presents: Jupiter Saloon!

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About Jupiter Saloon

This sci-fi comedy audio drama centers on The Jupiter Saloon — a dive bar in space. It’s a place where weird characters from all over the galaxy come for a heavily poured drink, interesting conversation, and the possibility of adventure. Plus, patrons who are short on credits can settle their tab by telling a good story.

Sort of like Cheers meets Tales from the Crypt. In space!

Full credits for the Jupiter Saloon podcast are available here.

To learn more about Jupiter Saloon visit


0: Season 1 Teaser Trailer

Just a quick message from Adam on upcoming Making Comics Gutter Talk all new Season 1. Okay, maybe also a message to become a subscriber at our Patreon page, too. Fine! Also a call for any sponsors or advertisers. But when it’s all said and done, really, it’s still a quick message from Adam.


Matchmaking YOUR Questions With Your Favorite Creators

Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite comic creator a question? Maybe listened to a podcast and thought, I could ask a better question than that? Well, here’s your chance.

We at are working on designing a new Gutter Talk project (which may potentially be unveiled as a panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2018 – yes, THAT Comic-Con) and both the questions and the guests will be determined by you. We’ve been so blown away by the overwhelming positive response by learners in our “How To Make A Comic Book” Coursera course that we’ve decided we want you to be the center of what we are doing next.


108: Patrick Yurick & Adam Greenfield (ComicFuel 6) – Gutter Talk Podcast

It’s time to dust off the microphones, plug in the earbuds, and see if the equipment still works. Yes, both Gutter Talk and Comic Fuel podcasts return, and in mashup fashion. In this episode, Adam Greenfield, host of Making Comics Gutter Talk, sits down with Patrick Yurick, host of Comic Fuel, to answer some questions that have sat around much longer than they deserved. All they wanted was a little attention. That’s all. Well, now they get it.

Because there are many questions to get to, not all of them will be answered in this episode. But if you are one of the ones that sent in a question and didn’t hear yours in the next hour and twenty or so minutes, have no fear. Adam and Patrick are planning on sitting down and recording another episode and, if needed, will record yet another until all questions are answered. It is the least we in the podcast department here at Making Comics can do.

In this episode you’ll also hear Adam provide a little reasoning behind why it’s almost April and this is the first episode of 2018, as well as Patrick talking about future plans with the Making Comics site. Oh, and “The Man from Kurosawa,” which… well, just listen. It’s better that way.


107: Dean Haspiel #2 (Part 2) – Gutter Talk Podcast

If you’re reading this but haven’t yet listened to the first half of the conversation between Adam Greenfield and Dean Haspiel, well, what you’re about to listen to probably won’t make sense. Therefore we highly suggest going here and listening to that first. Trust us, this episode will make more sense if you listen to the previous half first. If you’re one of those weirdos that reads the last chapter or page of a book before you read everything else, well, do your thing but we don’t trust you. Just sayin’.

If you’ve listened to the first half and are ready to go, enjoy. Again, if you’re a weirdo and haven’t listened to the first half yet, you’ve been warned.


106: Jessica Abel – Gutter Talk Podcast

Chaos. What is it good for? Absolutely nothin’.

Well, now that we successfully planted that ear worm, today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode with Jessica Abel deals a lot with chaos and the things creative folk like us can do to not only minimize the chaos but (*GULP*) even get things accomplished, too. You know, like that comic you’ve been sitting on and tinkering away at here and there for the last seven years. Or one of the many short-lived attempts at something cool that you think you’ll eventually get back to… even though deep down you know you won’t. Okay, you get the picture. Point is, this podcast and Jessica’s latest book, Growing Gills, can help.

We also take a brief look back at how Jessica became the teacher and artist she is. And if you ask her, which Adam did, if she considers herself an artist or a teacher, she’ll straight up tell you…. Wait, did you really think we’d just tell you what she said? Well, it was worth a shot. Take a listen to the podcast and find out.

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105: Lucy Bellwood #2 – Gutter Talk Podcast

In hopes of kickstarting some energy into the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast, it was decided that a return to old guests will help. So this is the first episode in a new Gutter Talk venture, an alumni “Where Are They Now” series. In this first episode, Adam is re-joined by the amazing Lucy Bellwood, an artist, a writer, and even a sailor, based out of Portland, OR.

The last time Adam and Lucy spoke was way, way back in January of 2015, nearly two and a half years prior to this talk, and at the time, Lucy was just starting to toss around the idea of doing a Kickstarter project for a Baggywrinkles book. Well, since that time, not only did she start and fund that project, she’s just finishing up yet another Kickstarter project that was also funded, and this time in about 24 hours. Yes, that sound was your jaw hitting the floor. We’ll wait for you to pick it up….

Listen in as Adam and Lucy discuss her pride and joy and struggles and fears with not just her current endeavor, the 100 Demon Dialogues, but also with being an artist on an overall level. From self-care to the financial burdens and planning as a freelance and independent artist, all of it is in play.

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