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63: Ted Washington (3 Questions) – Gutter Talk Podcast

One of the main goals of the Three Questions format is to allow artists of every level to learn from their peers. It affords one artist a window into the mental and physical process of a fellow artist in order to possibly grow themselves. In doing so, you the listener also benefits. Through these podcasts we learn there is only one way to do things: The way that works best for you, whether it’s the process of others or one you created on your own.

In this particular episode, Gutter Talk alumni Ted Washington and Sam Wallace sit down for a three question conversation touching on topics such as being an artist and homeless to a process suggestion that may surprise you in a “Hey, I never thought of it that way” kinda way. Though if you know Ted, it makes perfect sense.

These are Ted’s three questions.

Question 1: What was the moment that made you say, “This is what I want to do with the rest of my life.”

Question 2: If you could choose one medium of art to work in for the rest of your life, what medium would that be?

Question 3: What do you believe is something everybody should do in their process that you believe most people don’t do?


55: Sam Wallace – Gutter Talk Podcast

One of the great things about the Gutter Talk series is the wide variety of guest artists from not just the United States but all around the world, too. From Denmark to Australia to Chicago, Illinois, Adam has been fortunate to speak to the amazing array of artistic talent the world over. However, there’s always something special in face to face interviews and this interview with Sam Wallace in Adam’s apartment was no different.

Join Adam and Sam as they discuss everything from painting to scriptwriting to sports. Yeah, sports. Don’t worry, though. That part will be quick and painless. Promise.