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76: Site Redesign Round Table – Gutter Talk Podcast

After months and months of threatening to redesign the site, we did it. We finally did it! And it was totally worth it. That’s why we at Making Comics Worldwide thought a dedicated Gutter Talk podcast to discuss the features and efforts and excitement of the staff would be a fantastic episode. We think this will be worth it to you, too.

In this Gutter Talk episode you will hear from Patrick Yurick, Mark Luetke, Kevin Cullen, Marisa Brenizer, Michael Yakutis, and your loving host, Adam Greenfield. Each of them will discuss the work and dedication it took to create the site, as well as some of their favorite parts. It even ends on a warm and fuzzy note. Who doesn’t like warm and fuzzy endings? Actually, don’t answer that. Just download the podcast and you’ll feel what we mean.

While you’re listening to the podcast, we promise not to be upset if you step away from the site and head over to our iTunes page to give us a rating and review. Of course, that is if you give us a positive rating and review. If you don’t, we’ll track you down and draw a sad comic on your forehead using a Sharpie. Don’t tempt us. Just do yourself and favor and show us some love on iTunes. We promise it’ll be painless and you may even feel good about yourself, yet another warm and fuzzy feeling this podcast provides to you, the listener.


So You Wanna Publish A Webcomic? – Part 3

Basic edits
We ended the last post with WordPress and ComicPress installed and our child theme created. We’re now ready to start customizing our site so that it looks like we want it to. This post is still what I’d classify as a beginner level and we’re going to be customizing the layout, type and colors. Let’s get started.


So You Wanna Publish A Webcomic? – Part 2

The idea with this series of posts about building and designing your own webcomic site is to really take things from a beginner stage through to something much more advanced and customized. For now, we’re at the beginner level and this post starts us at the basics. If you haven’t read part 1 about using WordPress and ComicPress and haven’t got everything installed yet, go back and we’ll wait… (more…)