19: Worldbuilding For Comics (Round Table) – Gutter Talk Podcast

The Get A Grasp! MOOC train rolls on with this amazing Week 2 panel. The topic was Worldbuilding and there was no shortage of wood to stoke the fire as the train sped on down the tracks. Join Patrick Yurick, your very own train conductor for the week (sans the funny hat), and the powerhouse list of passengers for a ride you won’t soon forget.


You should check these out:

Patrick Yurick (instructor), CEO of Making Comics (dotCom) (@patrickyurick)

Mark Waid, creator of Thrillbent, writer for Daredevil, among so, so many (@markwaid)

Ted Washington, creator of Puna Press and author of Un Chili Caliente (@tedwa)

Bizhan Khodabendah, author of The Little Black Fish (@MendedArrow)

And check out Bizhan’s Kickstarter project he’s co-piloting with Making Comics’ very own, Mark Luetke, called OUTDOOR/INDOOR: A New Infinite Canvas Comic System

Lee Cherolis, writer of Little Guardians (@LeeCherolis)

Aaron Conley, creator of The Sabertooth Swordsman (@AaronConley77)

Ulises Farinas, artist for IDW’s Judge Dredd (@ulises_f)

And these, too:

Intro & Outro Song:

“RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


InceptionBrassHitMedium.wav: Herbert Boland /

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