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119: Palle Schmidt (#2) Gutter Talk Podcast

The Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast goes international. Again. In this episode, Adam is joined by Denmark’s own, Palle Schmidt. If that name sounds familiar to you, it’s at least one of two things. Either you have heard the previous Gutter Talk episodes Palle was on, as well as the Comic Con panel back in 2014 moderated by Patrick Yurick, or it’s the amazing work he’s done in Thomas Alsop or Comics for Beginners, a site dedicated to educating those with the dream of creating comics.

In this episode, Adam and Palle discuss a wide range of topics. Whether it’s the inside scoop on Palle’s techniques as an artist or the various ways and differences artists are treated and respected between Denmark and the United States. They even touch on taxes. Taxes! We know, what do taxes have to do with comics? Well, directly, not much. But in the overall grand scheme of things, no one can escape them. Even underpaid artists.

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118: Graham Annable (#2) Gutter Talk Podcast

For many folks, our esteemed Making Comics Gutter Talk host included, winter is a difficult time of year. Time changes, cold weather, having to constantly correct yourself on the year because it changed and it’s hard to get in the new habit of writing the new year. We get it. But Spring is about to… well, spring, and it’s time to wake up the sleeping beast that is this podcast. And what better way to rub the sleep out of our eyes than with one of the podcast’s favorite past guests.

In this first episode of 2019, which was admittedly recorded in 2018, Adam is joined by writer, artist, director, and overall swell guy, Graham Annable. If the name sounds familiar, it could be because he was a guest on the podcast a few years back. However, there’s a pretty sizable chance you know the name from his wonderful work, such as the Laika production, The Boxtrolls, which he co-directed. It could also be from the hilarious and sometimes poignant sketches and comics, Grickle. Or maybe it’s from his more recent graphic novels, Peter & Ernesto, in which he is both artist and writer. And as you’ll see, most recently, part-time editor.



We have bold new experiment ready for you to enjoy this week – the very first ComicFuel Workshop podcast! Bizhan Khodabendeh’sPanel Layout: The Golden Ratio” from 2014 is our most popular article ever posted on our website. So, for season 1 of Gutter Talk we’ve decided to revisit the article in the form of a FREE WORKSHOP.

That’s right! We said FREE WORKSHOP!!!


5: Norm Harper – Gutter Talk Podcast (116)

We hope your ears are ready for more comic candy, because Gutter Talk has returned!

With Gutter Talk’s mid-season intermission behind us, Adam Greenfield is back at it with another incredible interview – this time with Eisner Award Nominated writer and publisher Norm Harper!

This week’s episode is filled with engaging conversation surrounding Norm’s breakout comic, Rikki, and what it means to take an old, well-known tale and spin it with a fresh, comic-style twist! Adam and Norm’s conversation also finds itself exploring the ideas behind belonging to a clan and finding oneself, walking between film and comics, jumping into the world of indie comics, fighting off imposter syndrome, and starting an incredible publishing company!

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3: Glynnes Pruett – Gutter Talk Podcast (S01E03) (114)

We hope you enjoyed the show last week! This week, we’re switching gears and truly getting into the nitty-gritty world of comics.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to see your comic book on the shelves at your local comic book store! Do you know what it takes to get your comics through those sacred doors and into the pulls? Besides hard work (and a healthy dose of tears), there are some fine intricacies that go into understanding what makes a comic sell. Which is why this week, Adam sat down with Glynnes Pruett, owner and operator of one of America’s (and definitely L.A.’s) finest comic shops, The Comic Hideout.

Sporting her blue hair and kick-ass attitude, Glynnes dove deep with Adam into the trends that she sees comics heading. From women’s involvement in kicking down age-old gender stereotypes and embracing comics, to building offline communities around comic books and friends, Glynnes proves that sometimes it’s best to be weird and crazy and silly as she channels that energy into fun, creative projects that make her Eisner-nominated business one of the hottest spots around and a place you definitely want your comic to call home!

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1: Scott Marcano – Gutter Talk Podcast (S01E01)(112)

It’s finally here! It’s finally happening! The oh-so official first episode of the new “Gutter Talk Season 1” has arrived and it’s got all of us here at Making Comics more excited than we honestly have any right to be.

In case you haven’t heard (how that’s possible at this point, we’re not entirely sure), Gutter Talk is releasing in a new seasonal format. This season, we’re releasing 8 episodes each Friday – all filled to the brim with invaluable insights, terrific tools, and a little dash of Adam’s signature wit on the side. Okay, maybe a little more than a dash. You can even sign up here if you’re in the mood to get email updates (and possible behind-the-scenes goodies) from each episode on the day they drop. Because in this fast-paced day and age, a little reminder here and there never hurt anyone.

Anyhow, moving on to Episode 1! Esteemed host Adam Greenfield sits down in an unexpectedly pleasant park with artist, writer, and director Scott Marcano. Known the world around as the writer of the inimitable 90’s hit movie “Bio-Dome” and head of the Diablo Comics publisher, Scott’s enthusiasm for all things media is unstoppably contagious. Adam and Scott’s conversation jumps naturally between topics that range from video games and film rights for comics books to censorship and profanity to even the merits of print versus digital comics. This episode is brimming with deep industry knowledge that even the most battle-hardened comic creators will find enlightening. But don’t take our word for it. Give Episode 1 a listen and tell us what you think! And while you’re at it, drop us a little love on iTunes (or wherever you find your favorite podcasts) with a quick rating and maybe a review if you’re feeling especially happy to hear us back on the air!

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0: Season 1 Teaser Trailer

Just a quick message from Adam on upcoming Making Comics Gutter Talk all new Season 1. Okay, maybe also a message to become a subscriber at our Patreon page, too. Fine! Also a call for any sponsors or advertisers. But when it’s all said and done, really, it’s still a quick message from Adam.


111: David Accampo & Amanda Donahue – Gutter Talk Podcast

San Diego Comic Con is a great place to meet and talk to comic artists and writers from all over the world. This year, Adam had the opportunity to talk to creators from Fanbase Press for Making Comics Gutter Talk episodes. In this week’s episode, two of them, David Accampo and Amanda Donahue join Adam on the back terrace of the San Diego Convention Center, out where you can hear everything from the medieval knights battling it out to the military helicopters flying by to the seagulls on the bay behind us.

The conversation began with a discussion on their latest collaboration, The Margins, and what it meant to them as creators. After their history was dredged up, but in a good way, the talk turned to the comic creating process, from the David’s writing to Amanda’s first foray into the world of comics.

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110: Sebastian Kadlecik – Gutter Talk Podcast

Earlier this year, while at Wondercon 2018 in Anaheim, CA, Adam met some of the fine folks at Fanbase Press and knew right away the artists and writers for the comics they put out needed to be on the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast. Yes, needed. And it really started when Adam spotted the banner for the comic Penguins Vs Possums. We could talk about the art all day but the story and title are fantastic attention grabbers. Within the first few panels, you’re hooked.

Because of this, Adam was eager to have co-creator of that series, Sebastian Kadlecik, on the show. As Comic Con 2018 neared, the well-deserved hype for his latest creation, Quince, was growing so getting to record a conversation at the convention just seemed both the wise thing to do and fate. You know, if you believe in that stuff. The conversation ranged everywhere from Sebastian’s background and growth in writing, comics, and even acting, to the necessary decisions when determining the artistic layout of scenes within a comic. And don’t mind the group of people behind them having their own good time outside of the convention. Speaking of….

Before that chat with Sebastian, you’ll hear a portion of a conversation during a Comic Con after-party about the vagueness and even capitalistic aspect of what can and can’t be released in a podcast when it comes to background noise. Participants included Gutter Talk alumni Dean Haspiel and Chris Miskiewicz, as well as Glynnes Pruett, owner/operator of Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton, CA. As stated in the podcast, no one makes a claim to be any kind of legal expert on this stuff. It just seemed applicable. And some of it was just plain silliness that needed to be shared.

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Matchmaking YOUR Questions With Your Favorite Creators

Have you ever wanted to ask your favorite comic creator a question? Maybe listened to a podcast and thought, I could ask a better question than that? Well, here’s your chance.

We at are working on designing a new Gutter Talk project (which may potentially be unveiled as a panel at San Diego Comic-Con International 2018 – yes, THAT Comic-Con) and both the questions and the guests will be determined by you. We’ve been so blown away by the overwhelming positive response by learners in our “How To Make A Comic Book” Coursera course that we’ve decided we want you to be the center of what we are doing next.