56: Lucy Bellwood – Gutter Talk Podcast

All aboard as the Gutter Talk podcast sets sail on a near two hour tour, a comic creating adventure. Join your captain and host, Adam, and his guest co-pilot, Lucy Bellwood, as they discuss everything from weird hometowns to successful Kickstarter projects to tools on her table.

Oh, and Lucy is a sailor so there are some choice drunken sailor-like words. If that makes you seasick and go overboard, don’t worry, we’ll throw you a life preserver. Or maybe we’ll just draw one around you. That sounds fun. Either way, you’ll be fine. Really.


Lucy’s Stuff:

Lucy’s site (@LuBellWoo)





Our Stuff:

Intro & Outro Song:

“RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Outro Song Behind Vocals:

“Backed Vibes (clean)” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


InceptionBrassHitMedium.wav: Herbert Boland /

Old Fashion Radio Jingle 2.wav: club sound /

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