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109: Jimmy Palmiotti – Gutter Talk Podcast

We know, it’s a Monday. In the history of the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast, it has never been released on any day of the week besides Friday. However, in this instance, the timing called for it. While there may be some purists or other creatures of habit who find this to be troublesome, we first offer this advice: take a breath. Everything will be okay. We promise. Then listen to this episode. Trust us, you’ll feel better.

In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with Jimmy Palmiotti, whose attributes run a marathon but to list a few, he created Painkiller Jane. He’s also one of the co-creators of Marvel Knights, which comes up as a discussion topic in the conversation between Adam and Jimmy. Then there’s Harley Quinn, a character in which he and his wife Amanda Conner helped increase popularity levels to great heights. Oh, and Painkiller Jane… and Deadpool… and the Punisher… Also, Jimmy is the co-founder of PaperFilms, along with (again) Amanda Conner, and has some pretty amazing talent on board, like Justin Gray, Craig Weeden, Frank Tieri, and more. Pretty impressive.

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104: Megan James – Gutter Talk Podcast

The last time you heard from us in the Making Comics Gutter Talk headquarters, it was Halloween and we were having a lively discussion with Stephen Bissette. Well, it’s now Earth Day, six months later, and we’re finally putting out another episode. We know, we missed you all, too. But the hope is we’re now back to at least one episode per month and if more time can be unearthed, we’ll bump things back up to two episodes a month. But all in due time, friends. All in due time. We promise.

As for this episode, Adam sits down for a second recording with artist and creator Megan James. She is the mind and skill behind Innsmouth, a magical story that is part Lovecraft, part Book of Mormon, and has fish people. That’s definitely on you if you don’t find that exciting. Adam and Megan actually spoke late last year but life has a funny way of becoming an obstacle to things and the conversation was shelved. However, Adam made sure when he returned to the scene, Megan had to be the first guest and a new conversation was to be had. The topics in this episode range from figuring how to lay out a page for maximum effect, comedy or otherwise, to finding a ton of usefulness in taking a scriptwriting class.

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87: Joe Badon – Gutter Talk Podcast

It’s not very often you meet someone that makes it difficult to distinguish if you’re talking to yourself or another person all together. However, in this Making Comics Gutter Talk episode with artist and creator Joe Badon, it seems that’s exactly what happened; Adam has met his soul-twin and he’s a damn fine artist. And not only is he an artist in the drawing sense, but Joe is also an artist in the musical sense. Today’s episode opens with a song called “Monster Zero” from Joe’s band The Band That Wouldn’t Die. It’s a bit experimental but we dig it just the same. It’s perfect to draw or write to, if not both.

This episode is yet another strong example of why being around like-minded peers in a community is an important part of not just becoming an artist but being one, as well. There’s always a certain comfort level during the growing process in knowing not only are you not alone but you’re more alike with others than you may have originally thought. Your ideas, concerns, goals, and sometimes even the same dreams. When you meet someone with these things, you know you’re in for a fantastic conversation.

Download this episode and listen in as Adam is joined by Joe to discuss all things comics. And politics. And other random tangents that seem to happen in Gutter Talk podcasts on a regular basis. By this time, though, you should just be used to it, right?


80: John Mueller – Gutter Talk Podcast

Like a story to tell, everyone has a journey to take in life. For some, that journey is quick. For others, it’s a lifelong voyage. And then there are those whose journey is right on time. Never, though, is it what we expect. In today’s Making Comics Gutter Talk episode, Adam sits down with artist, game developer, and journeyman, John Mueller. John is the creator of the dystopian series, OINK, and as of this episode’s release will have six more days to hit stretch goals in the Kickstarter project. That’s right, stretch goals. John’s Kickstarter project has hit its initial goal and now comes all the fun stuff.

Listen in as John and Adam talk about the journey not only his OINK project has been on but the overall journey John has been on as an artist. His path through the gaming world provides a unique insight into storytelling and world building when it comes to the gaming world versus graphic novels. Plus, there’s a drive inside John that is very inspiring, as he is the type of individual that goes out and gets what he wants in life, and does so seemingly in a very laid-back manner. There’s a lot to learn from in this episode.

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78: Rachel Dukes – Gutter Talk Podcast

In 1988, a wildly talented musician named Bobby McFerrin released a song titled “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” For those of us who remember this song, it was certainly catchy enough to often catch yourself whistling while walking to the bus stop. And yet who knew in the end just how useful those words would be if only we had really taken them to heart? Of course, easier said than done, but it sure would’ve been nice to not worry. That said, we’re artists. Who are we kidding?

And that’s what makes this Gutter Talk episode with Rachel Dukes, artist and creator of Frankie Comics, so great. It’s further confirmation that worrying as a young, budding artist just trying to get their bearing in this ocean of art, let alone in the lake of comics, is actually normal. It’s even proof that yes, you can outgrow the worst of it. Now if only we had time machines….

Download the podcast and listen in as Adam and Rachel discuss why see-through rulers are better than rulers you can’t see through, her Kickstarter project for Frankie Comics, and some of the hurtles she encountered as a kid when opportunities presented themselves.

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69: Jason Brubaker & Daniel Lieske pt.2 (Classic #16) – Gutter Talk Podcast

Fresh off a highly successful panel at WonderCon, as well as your benevolent host recording three other future podcast episodes, the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast returns with a flashback, or a re-issue as they’ve come to be known around these parts. In this episode we return to the great conversation Jason Brubaker was in the midst of with Daniel Lieske, the mastermind and artist behind the Wormworld Saga. If you have not yet had a chance to listen to the first half of this conversation, click here to check it out.

In this episode Jason and Daniel Lieske go into detail about their strange and exciting successes with their respective Kickstarter projects, as well as some great conversation about crowdsourcing in general. It really does seem to be important to make sure you continue to build your fan base in order to help drive your successful project.

As a side note but one that also reaches up for the WonderCon mention above, were you there? If so, let us know. We’d love to hear what your thoughts were, what you liked, didn’t liked, wanted to hear but didn’t, heard but didn’t expect to hear, all of it. It was a pretty great panel, Jason Brubaker included, and the discussions had were as awesome as the questions asked by the crowd. If you were not there, though, no worries. Click here to take a listen.

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Ok, now you can listen to today’s podcast. Enjoy, dear listeners.


65: Jason Brubaker & Daniel Lieske pt.1 (Classic #16) – Gutter Talk Podcast

The Making Comics podcast returns this week with another Jason Brubaker re-issue. This episode is the first part of a two part conversation between Jason and sometimes co-host, sometimes guest, but all the time favorite, Daniel Lieske, an artist based in Germany.

In one of the re-issues we released last year, Jason and Daniel were going through some rather successful Kickstarter campaigns. It was hard to not join in their excitement. But as much as we wish it weren’t the case, time moves on and that edge on the excitement begins to soften some. This leads to what can be a very scary question: Now what?

In this re-issue episode, Jason and Daniel attempt to answer that question. The fun thing is we have the ability to see the things they’ve done since this conversation first happened, or in this case the “what” in the big question, and the successes they’ve continued to find. And in a way, they’ve provided somewhat of an educational roadmap into comic creation. It may not be the exact path you or I may take but the experiences they have and share with us become plot-points along our own roadmap.

Before that conversation begins, Adam discusses a few things that came up between Jason and Daniel.

Oh, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the more exciting upcoming events we’re participating in this year, Wondercon 2015. This year, on Saturday, April 4th at 10am in Room 211, Adam will be moderating a panel on storytelling in comics. Check out this list of panelists:

Jason Brubaker: Artist, creator of reMIND and Sithrah

Rachel Beck: Co-founder of Storyforge Productions

Ted Washington: Artist, poet, and founder of Puna Press

Patrick Yurick: Artist, creator of Hipster Picnic, educator, and CEO of Making Comics Worldwide

If you’ll be at Wondercon 2015, make sure you check out our panel and say hi!


60: Sophie Goldstein & Jennifer Jordan – Gutter Talk Podcast

The majority of these Gutter Talk episodes have consisted of one or two hosts and only one guest. While this formula has worked well since we started, in this episode we add a new mix to the fold with two guests and one host. Listen in on Adam’s conversation with Jennifer Jordan and Sophie Goldstein, the creators of the amazing webcomic Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell, as they discuss everything from collaborating to hoverboards.


56: Lucy Bellwood – Gutter Talk Podcast

All aboard as the Gutter Talk podcast sets sail on a near two hour tour, a comic creating adventure. Join your captain and host, Adam, and his guest co-pilot, Lucy Bellwood, as they discuss everything from weird hometowns to successful Kickstarter projects to tools on her table.

Oh, and Lucy is a sailor so there are some choice drunken sailor-like words. If that makes you seasick and go overboard, don’t worry, we’ll throw you a life preserver. Or maybe we’ll just draw one around you. That sounds fun. Either way, you’ll be fine. Really.


50: Meg Gandy – Gutter Talk Podcast

The Gutter Talk podcast hits the golden anniversary with its 50th episode and we’re extremely excited to have Meg Gandy, a fantastic artist and successful Kickstarter. Adam sits down with Meg to discuss high school manga club, her comic-book store owning husband, and how her webcomic was a boon to her Kickstarter success. However, before that conversation begins, Adam gets serious and opens up.