57: Jason Brubaker, Daniel Lieske & Jake Parker pt.2 (Classic #11) – Gutter Talk Podcast

Rounding out the month, as we do, is another awesome Jason Brubaker re-issue. In the words of Michael Yakutis, yahoo!

Today’s episode is with Jake Parker, a fantastic artist and instructor, as well as the creator of InkTober, a challenge that tasks the artist to ink one drawing a day for the entire month of October. He is also the creator of a Kickstart project, Drawings, that blew his initial goal out of the water.

Later in the podcast Jason and Jake are joined by Daniel Lieske, also a very successful Kickstarter artist and creator of The Wormworld Saga.

To start off, join Adam and his co-host Michael Yakutis as they discuss some business and a few things they gleaned from this great re-issue episode.


Jason’s Links:

reMIND (@Jason_Brubaker)


Jake’s Links:

Jake’s site (@mrjakeparker)

Tumbler page


Daniel’s Links:

Daniel’s site (@daniellieske)

The Wormworld Saga

Intro Links:

Intro Song:

“RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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One Response to “57: Jason Brubaker, Daniel Lieske & Jake Parker pt.2 (Classic #11) – Gutter Talk Podcast”

  1. Patrick

    “I needed to quit the animation. It was such a relief.” – Jason Brubaker

    I was really touched by this moment in the podcast. It is really great to hear about how much work creators have put in to finding the correct path they need to be on with their art. I am right there with you. I like to call this “Failing Up” – when you realize your trajectory isn’t moving in the correct direction so you have to quit, but in quitting you gain clarity on the direction you should be heading in now.

    It’s like the quote we posted in one of the most recent #comicfuel posts:

    “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.” -Chinese Proverb

    For whatever reason this sentiment, this moment in the podcast, fills me with hope. Thank you for sharing.


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