70: Paolo Rivera – Gutter Talk Podcast

April showers may bring May flowers but the one thing you can be sure of that May will also bring is yet another spate of talented artists to the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast. Two of them will be with artists we met and talked to while at WonderCon back in the first week of last month. Today’s episode, however, was recorded away from the craziness that conventions can sometimes bring.

In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam and co-host Patrick Yurick, a voice you’ll hear this week and next, get the pleasure and opportunity to talk to Paolo Rivera, artist and illustrator, both freelance and working for others. It took a few emails back and forth, even a reschedule or two, to nail down a specific day and time but in the end, it was completely worth it. The conversation spanned topics of why he went to the Rhode Island School of Design (a question in which he has a few answers, actually) to a question he is often asked, how does an artist get their voice and style.

We’re pretty sure you’re going to dig this episode. If not, we’ll guarantee your money back. What? You didn’t pay anything for the podcast? Well, then it looks like you’ll get a full refund. Lucky you. But again, we’re pretty sure it won’t even come to that.

Also, one more thing. Please be all that you can be and head over to iTunes to give us a rating and a review. The more this happens and the higher the average rating the more exposure this awesome little podcast gets. And while in some states exposure is illegal, we’re big proponents of artistic exposure of comics and comic-related information. We’re free souls like that.


Paolo’s Links:

Paolo’s site (@PaoloMRivera)

Podcast w/ Paolo in which the host sounds like Adam

Our Links:

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2 Responses to “70: Paolo Rivera – Gutter Talk Podcast”

  1. Kristina

    I’m sure the many podcasts are really interesting, but as a deaf illustrator I have no use for them. I look forward to when you’ll post more of your wonderful written articles.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the feedback Kristina, and I assure you we have content coming very soon. There have been some delays in the new site launch, but rest-assured, when it does launch you stand to be whelmed to the max with content. Thanks for your loyal patronage.

      PS – I REALLY want to get the podcasts transcribed. Remind me to do that after we go to kickstarter.


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