72: Chris Callahan – Gutter Talk Podcast

We return to the walls and halls of the hallowed ground known only as the Anaheim Convention Center during WonderCon 2015 where our Gutter Talk podcast hero-slash-host Adam teams up with artist and illustrator Chris Callahan to battle a villain so evil it has no name, only a sad truth that would make any protagonist feel ill: Lack of Knowledge.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit overly dramatic but some days it sure does seem that way. That’s why we’re looking forward to bringing you this conversation Adam had with Chris, as he has the knowledge and experience of taking a chance and finding success in the work that comes along with it.

Chris has been a part of projects that range from creating visual graphics for major television shows and broadcasts to creator-owned comics, such as Robochuck. Listen in as Chris discusses those experiences he’s had and what he’s taken away from it all, as well as some of the smaller details about comic creation.

While you’re listening, please be sure to head on over to iTunes, if you’re not there already, and give the podcast some love. Ratings and reviews are big in the podcast world, just as getting clicks and reads are big in comics, both web and print. Along with word of mouth, this is just one way you can help us here at Making Comics Worldwide spread out knowledge and information to those who are seeking it out but may not be sure where to look.


Chris’s Links:

TurtleBunny Productions (@rgb_alpha)

RoboChuck (also on ComiXology)

Our Links:

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