Mark Waid AMA on GatherEducation announcement

Hey everyone! We are super psyched to announce that we’ve secured Mark Waid for a revolutionary new AMA.

How is it revolutionary you ask?

Well, Mark will be talking to 100 people live through a virtual reality classroom space designed by GatherEducation. If you have a 3G connection or better you will be able to join this AMA from any mobile or desktop device. Mark will be able to answer your questions in this virtual space.

It’s going to be rad.

The time for the event will be April 27th, at 9pm EST. To RSVP go to the eventbrite link below. Space is limited and slots given on a first come first serve basis. If you miss the getting a slot make sure you put yourself on the wait list. If you can’t come at all, don’t worry. We will be releasing the AMA at a future date through the Gutter Talk Podcast.


UPDATE 4/15/16: The Mark Waid AMA is sold out (in under 24 hours, WOW!). We are working on enabling a waiting list so that you can get in if some folks don’t end up going. We will send you some info about that when it is enabled. In the meantime head on over to Twitter and join the discussion about what the AMA will cover and submit some ideas for questions for Mark – we are using “#markwaidama” for the ongoing discussion before, during, and after the AMA. See you there!



This is AMA is being hosted on GatherEducation – a virtual reality learning platform:

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