111: David Accampo & Amanda Donahue – Gutter Talk Podcast

San Diego Comic Con is a great place to meet and talk to comic artists and writers from all over the world. This year, Adam had the opportunity to talk to creators from Fanbase Press for Making Comics Gutter Talk episodes. In this week’s episode, two of them, David Accampo and Amanda Donahue join Adam on the back terrace of the San Diego Convention Center, out where you can hear everything from the medieval knights battling it out to the military helicopters flying by to the seagulls on the bay behind us.

The conversation began with a discussion on their latest collaboration, The Margins, and what it meant to them as creators. After their history was dredged up, but in a good way, the talk turned to the comic creating process, from the David’s writing to Amanda’s first foray into the world of comics.

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David & Amanda’s Links:

David’s site  (@daccampo)
Amanda’s site (IG page)
Twitter:    @TheMarginsComics
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