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#FAQDevin – Where can I find collaborators/jobs?

Anyone else have a Comic-Con hangover? Anyway—our latest question comes from T. Perran M:

I’m a writer and letterer who is still in the early stages of my comic book career. I’ve been using the money I make lettering other people comics to fund my own projects. Besides Digital Webbing and DeviantArt, where are some good place to find jobs and collaborators? I’m getting close to needing to find an artist for my next project. (Some more paying gigs wouldn’t hurt either.)

Thank you for your time. (more…)

Making Comics at SDCC 2014

Comic-Con 2014 was a blast! (If you were unable to attend, my sympathies. That’s why we do these wrap-up posts.) Make sure to check out the audio link below.


#FAQDevin – How do I make a scary comic?

While scrounging for questions to answer I came across this one from Kevin Cullen, our Head of Content and Scheduling:

Dear Devin,

How do I make A SCARY COMIC?!

-your pal, kvin

Full disclosure: I’m not sure if Kevin was being serious but I’m going to answer as if he were (also, I have no other questions to answer). (more…)

#FAQDevin – How should I manage my social media presence?

I’ve received several excellent questions recently, so look for yours in a column in the near future. And keep sending them in! You guys rock.

Today, Arnie G. asks:

After years of being “out of the game,” I am currently rebuilding a  young career as a freelance artist. I find myself with outdated material [showcasing] outdated skills [in terms of] what i have to offer. Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, DeviantArt, Freelance Dot Com, Twitter, [and] PHP are all the rage [to the point where] it seems no matter where you turn, everyone swears “this” is the one to use. Not wanting to be left behind, it can get confusing with all these accounts and becomes easy to neglect a few. I ‘m wondering what is the best way to organize them so any information is shared across platforms? [W]hich of these is best [for a] portfolio, networking, sharing with my peers, etc? What [are their] advantage[s]? (more…)

#FAQDevin – I feel like I’m running out of time, what should I do?

Send me your questions! Not kidding guys, I only have a couple in my inbox. Tweet with #FAQDevin to @devinafterdark.

Good one today though (they all are). The question of project scope seems to come up a lot, I think with good reason. It’s difficult to judge what you’re capable of finishing when starting out. But there’s a mental/emotional aspect that often gets tied up in that question. Can I accomplish what I want? Am I capable? Developing the ability to perform a task is usually only part of it. (more…)

#FAQDevin – Launching a Webcomic

The first one of these went well so let’s try another, shall we? Thanks to everyone who sent in questions (please continue to do so)! It’s looking like I’ll be answering one question a week so if you don’t see yours, keep checking back.

Today’s question is from Jennifer (Jenny?) P.

How many pages would you suggest I publish for my comic’s initial launch? It’s a webcomic (story driven). I plan to make buffers (20-30 pages) but not sure how many to upload on the initial launch.


#FAQDevin – Introductions, Industry Jobs, and Software

Hey there! My name is Devin, and in case you don’t know me I’m the Editor-In-Chief here at Making Comics (dotCom). I’ve had an idea percolating for a bit to start something new—an ongoing Q&A column that should prove useful for anyone needing advice. Creating a comic can be an isolating experience, especially when you hit a wall and are having difficulty finding solutions. If you’re in a situation like that, I’d like to help. (more…)