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#TalkingComics w/ Kevin Cullen: Bizhan Khodabandeh and Mark Luetke on the Infinite Canvas Comic System

If comic revolution is the name of the game here at Making Comics (dotCom), then our good friends Mark Luetke and Bizhan Khodabandeh are risking it all on the front lines. Their weapon of choice? An awesome new way to read webcomics. The Kickstarter project is called INDOOR/OUTDOOR: A New Infinite Canvas Comic System and it’s one hell of an investment for anyone who owns and operates a webcomic. Designed to scroll from page to page in a smooth, streamlined style, the Infinite Canvas is shaping up to be a very powerful tool with a gorgeous design. I reached out to Mark and Bizhan with some questions about their project and what it means for webcomics in the future. (more…)

Hand Lettering A Digital Comic, Part 3

Once you have your lines of text set out, it’s time to launch into the final stage of lettering a page: composing your text on the page, and this is where I think hand-lettering shows a great advantage over font or mechanical lettering: flexibility.


Hand Lettering a Digital Comic, Part 2

With all your settings together, the process of lettering mainly becomes a matter of good form.  This applies as much to lettering with pen and paper as it does to the digital medium, but digital formatting amplifies the issues of good form because the feedback from a tablet and stylus is much different from what you get from pen and paper.  In short, the tablet produces the tendency for lines to wobble, because the pen can tend to slip.  This is particularly likely to happen if you aren’t using a properly controlled hand posture while you letter.  (See why I was so specific in the first part?)


10: Jeremy Rock – Gutter Talk Podcast

It took two tries because of a little technology mishap but that second time turned out to be a gem. Adam and Devin hang out with Jeremy Rock, the artist of eye-popping (and sometimes literally!) horror and zombie comics Luther and The Eighth Seal (among others) and discuss the world of digital comics. Take a listen and hear what Jeremy has to say about the future of comics in an ever-growing digital world, as well as what it takes to remain true to yourself and your art.