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3: Glynnes Pruett – Gutter Talk Podcast (S01E03) (114)

We hope you enjoyed the show last week! This week, we’re switching gears and truly getting into the nitty-gritty world of comics.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to see your comic book on the shelves at your local comic book store! Do you know what it takes to get your comics through those sacred doors and into the pulls? Besides hard work (and a healthy dose of tears), there are some fine intricacies that go into understanding what makes a comic sell. Which is why this week, Adam sat down with Glynnes Pruett, owner and operator of one of America’s (and definitely L.A.’s) finest comic shops, The Comic Hideout.

Sporting her blue hair and kick-ass attitude, Glynnes dove deep with Adam into the trends that she sees comics heading. From women’s involvement in kicking down age-old gender stereotypes and embracing comics, to building offline communities around comic books and friends, Glynnes proves that sometimes it’s best to be weird and crazy and silly as she channels that energy into fun, creative projects that make her Eisner-nominated business one of the hottest spots around and a place you definitely want your comic to call home!

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Making A Tumblr Webcomic

How-To Create A Tumblr Comic

There aren’t as many ways as you would think to create and host a webcomic right now. Webcomics are updated frequently. They usually require a backlog or archive of content like blog posts, comics, and advertisements. This means that a webcomic website structure needs to be versatile. entered into the blogging scene in 2006 with the hopes of capitalizing on the growing “microblogging” trend that was being popularized at the time.  The concept of microblogging is different from  traditional blogging in that microblogs are short snippets of information intended for quick consumption and sharing.