35: Jason Brubaker, David Petersen & Trent Kaniuga (Classic #6) – Gutter Talk Podcast

Even though every day is a day to make comics, we here at Making Comics Worldwide like Fridays best. Ok, maybe just Adam likes Fridays best. Still, if you like making comics AND listening to amazing artists on podcasts, then Fridays are definitely the best day of the week because that’s exactly what you get with Gutter Talk. Today, as we’ve been doing every last Friday of the month, we crank up the time traveling machine and dip back to a time when Jason Brubaker was the host and the guests were just as awesome as the ones we have now.

This episode is a sit-down with not just the creator of Twilight Monk, Trent Kaniuga, but also the mastermind behind Mouse Guard, David Petersen. We open, though, with a brief set-up chat with Adam and Marisa Brenizer to get things warmed up.


Links and Things:

Jason Brubaker (@Jason_Brubaker)

Sithrah on Kickstarter (holy successful campaign, Batman!)

David Petersen (@mouseguard)

Mouse Guard

Trent Kaniuga (@TrentKaniuga)

Twilight Monk

More Things and Links:

Intro & Outro Song:

“RetroFuture Clean” Kevin MacLeod (  Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


InceptionBrassHitMedium.wav: Herbert Boland /

One Response to “35: Jason Brubaker, David Petersen & Trent Kaniuga (Classic #6) – Gutter Talk Podcast”

  1. Michael Yakutis

    Such an excellent episode! I’ve been a fan of Mouse Guard for some time now and was not aware of it’s history starting out as a black and white POD comic. I had never read Twilight Monk before, but now feel compelled to do so 🙂


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