Artist X Artist: Jason Brubaker and Daniel Lieske discuss Kickstarter, storytelling, and life

When great minds collide, they tend to create something rather wonderful. Yesterday, Jason Brubaker (reMind, Sithrah) sat down with Daniel Lieske (The Wormworld Saga) to field questions from fans of each other’s respective series as well as how they go about working on such excellent titles. Since both of them have Kickstarter campaigns exploding, they felt that a little Q&A with backers of their projects would be a great treat for everyone.


The entire video is well worth watching, especially if you enjoy the work of either of these creators. After watching it myself, I went back and bookmarked some of spots that I thought were especially informative!

Comic Psychology (15:21)
Here Daniel and Jason discuss the psychology behind Kickstarter backing and the strategies one uses to create a successful campaign.

Page Format (24:42)
At this point, both Jason and Daniel talk about formatting the pages of their comics. It’s an interesting exploration of Webcomic theory and the influence of Scott McCloud on Daniel’s Wormworld Saga.

Influences (55:12)
One of the questions received was about finding inspiration and who in the industry influences them the most. This, of course, led them down a path discussing storytelling and creating a story that exists beyond clichés.

Production Journals (61:28)
An interesting idea about keeping production journals and the research that goes into developing a webcomic that can stand out against the noise of the internet.

The Impact Of Offspring (107:48
Finally, something I never thought about before – the impact that having children has on the stories that you tell. Since both of these guys are fathers, the idea that perspectives change once they have a new pair of eyes running around the house makes for an interesting discussion.

Check out Jason’s comic as well as his Kickstarter! And be sure to also follow Daniel’s comic and Kickstarter as well.


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