74: Jason Brubaker, Doug TenNapel, & Ethan Nicolle (Classic #17) – Gutter Talk Podcast

We’re coming down to the last couple re-issue episodes from when Jason Brubaker was hosting the podcasts back in the day. The guests on this show are also no strangers to his show, as they were both on once before. And that was a fantastic conversation so it only makes sense this one is just as great.

In this Making Comics Gutter Talk re-issue episode Jason and his special co-host are joined by artists and creators Doug TenNapel and Ethan Nicolle for the first part of a two part conversation. There are some very heartwarming moments and also some fantastic information to keep in mind when considering doing a Kickstarter project in this episode, especially when Jason’s talking about his experience with reMIND. Plus, Ethan talks a little about the cast of Axe Cop, the television adaptation of the comic he co-created with his younger brother, Malachai.

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Their Links:

Doug TenNapel’s site (@TenNapel)

Ethan Nicolle’s site (@enicolle)

Jason Brubaker’s Sithra & reMind (@Jason_Brubaker)

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3 Responses to “74: Jason Brubaker, Doug TenNapel, & Ethan Nicolle (Classic #17) – Gutter Talk Podcast”

    • Adam Greenfield

      Hey Kirsty. Thanks for listening. The second part of this conversation Jason unfortunately didn’t get to edit until a month or so ago. He’s a busy dude. However, he did finally send me that and I have it on the schedule to be released near the end of September.


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