83: Dean Haspiel – Gutter Talk Podcast

It’s not often we at the Making Comics Gutter Talk podcast get an Emmy Award winning artist on the show. Of course that’s not why we were solely excited to have Dean Haspiel on but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t add to that excitement. In this Gutter Talk episode, Adam picks Dean’s brain to discuss all things art and comics. Well, maybe not all things. There were a few tangents but it was all art related. Sort of.

Early on Adam and Dean discuss the art experience, what it’s like to encounter art in a way you neither expected nor experienced in the past. Sometimes it’s the challenge that makes art an emotional experience and those emotions can range from joy to confusion to sometimes anger. These feelings, however, only confirm the effectiveness of the art the viewer is visually taking in.

Another important topic of discussion was what makes a story unique and universal at the same time. In Dean’s soon-to-be released graphic novel, Beef With Tomato, he exuded the heart and essence of New York City. If you’ve been to New York City, you’ll surely find something familiar in the book. If you haven’t, the book will make you realize even the ugly side of the city can be beautiful. Because Dean is New York City through and through, he’s able to connect the reader to the city with ease, thereby creating that unique and universal tone.

We know this is a longer than usual episode but we’re confident the next almost two hours with Dean Haspiel will be well spent.


Dean’s Links:

Dean’s site (@deanhaspiel)

The Fox (w/ Mark Waid)

Trip City

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2 Responses to “83: Dean Haspiel – Gutter Talk Podcast”

  1. Michael Freely

    Wow, what a great conversation. I love that after listening to dozens of these podcasts, all about comics, that I can hear conversations that are still unique. And thanks for NOT cutting this one down or splitting it in half. Really great, there were so many things I wanted to comment on but just kept listening instead. Thanks Adam, thanks Mr. Haspiel.

    I did remember one thing specifically. I loved the insight about story telling when talking about autobiographical stories. I can’t remember word for word, but it was Dean asking the question to those writing self-pitying autobiographical comics “what are you trying to say, what information are you trying to add to this situation? What is the unique perspective now that you have lured us in with the sympathetic scenario of your life? Not just for autobiographical comics though, a question for all writing I think. And I guess not something unique as an idea, but it was voiced very well. And isn’t that the mark of good writing?

    Oh, and…… The day the clown cried…..!


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