101: Patrick Yurick & Rachel Beck (ComicFuel 5) – Gutter Talk Podcast

“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”  – Alan Watts

As we walk out into the world we are entering a story. This story defines us and the way that we interact with our beliefs, actions, society, etc. As much as we are always entering into the story that others have defined for us, we are also given the gift of writing our own story in every action we take. This month I sat down with Rachel Beck, founder of Storyforge Productions, and we discussed the nuances of story telling. We looked at our society and how we are working to rectify our long history with marginalizing females – specifically in the comic industry. We also looked at the basic construction of worlds and characters and how those construction create compelling reasons that keep us reading.

Reflecting on the talk I am reminded that complications are what keep us interested in the world around us. As comic artists we create fiction where our character confront and battle those contradictions. Theoretically that gives us the inspiration to fight our own demons. That’s what the #ComicFuel show is all about right? For us to join together to turn away from just consuming art and to bring us into the battle – the battle to create art.

So get out your pens and papers. Sit down. Join us as Rachel and I provide the fuel you are going to need for the coming battle.


Jump times to go to different parts of the podcast:

  • (00:00:00) Alan Watts on Play & Work
  • (00:03:20) Introduction To Show
  • (00:13:20) Question 1 – Female Comic Creators
  • (00:46:20) AudioFuel – Maya Angelou “And I Rise”
  • (00:50:00) Question 2 – Tension & Resolution
  • (01:02:00) Question 3 – Character Driven Storytelling
  • (01:19:00) Question 3.5 – Scenarios
  • (01:27:40) AudioFuel – Morgan Freeman recites Invictus
  • (01:30:40) Question 4 – Drawing As A Writer
  • (01:48:30) AudioFuel – Alan Watts on the State Of Nothing
  • (01:59:20) Question 5 – Onomatopoeias
  • (02:05:20) Question 6 – Short & Sweet
  • (02:13:00) Show Outro

Songs Used

Audio Fuel Used

  • Desaturated from Maya Angelou’s reading of “And I Still Rise” video on Youtube from her book of the same name, “And I Still Rise”.
  • Desaturated from original video “Why Your Life Is Not A Journey” by David Lindberg featuring Alan Watts.
    • Music:
      • Sleeping at Last – Saturn
      • Sleeping at Last – Uranus
  • Desaturated from original interview of Morgan Freeman on the Charlie Rose show reciting Invictus poem by William Ernest Henley.
  • Desaturated from original talk on “The State of Nothingness” by Alan Watts. Transcribed version of talk available here

11 Responses to “101: Patrick Yurick & Rachel Beck (ComicFuel 5) – Gutter Talk Podcast”

  1. Torey N

    This was my first episode of your podcast, and it could very well be my last. Rachel did an excellent job of (trying to) stay on topic, answer the questions with info relevant to comic creation and keeping the show moving. Unfortunately, she was repeatedly interrupted by you. Most of the time you didn’t have anything relevant to add to the question being asked and just wanted to talk about some movie/ tv show/ book you liked. You should really concentrate on letting your guests speak.

    I will listen to another episode at some point, but your negligence as a host really turned me off…

    • Patrick

      I’m really sorry your listening experience went the way it did. I hope you come again. Thank you for the feedback. -Patrick

  2. dave hingley

    I listened to this through gritted teeth. This is my second draft of feedback, the first was way more negative. Hopefully, this willbe a more positive thing. First up, heres some simple points:

    *let the guests talk. If you have a guest, they should be doing the majority of the talking.

    *Once you have reached the end of a question sumarise. You spoke for 30 minutes and I am none the wiser about what was actually decided.

    *You dont have to promote the website,course or your skillset every 5 minutes.

    *when writing the question in the show notes, use the actual question, not a 3 word sumary.

    Patrick you seriously need to tone down the tangents, It pads the show, it slows it down and makes for a way more frustrating listening experience

    there were times in the first question you contradicted yourself and frankly came off as a little divisive, the idea of segregating women visiting a comic con between comic creators and bored partnes/spouses who dont really want to be there kind of smacks of everyday sexism, or that white men are defensive when subjected to the concept of white privalige, a conclusion you came to at an equality and diversity class might seem a little generalising could be seen possibly as racist? – is that something we should be doing talking about diversity and represntation in comics?

    you mention that Diamond resulted in creators working for poor wage. I would point out Siegel and Shuster got $100 for superman back in 1934 – hardly a large amount of cash, and that was before Diamnond. the Industry has been dominated by freelancers since the begining and I can’t believe that it should be a surprise to someone who works in comic books has written MOOCS, runs a website about comics and has written comics and is an art educator himself.

    You mentioned unionising or creating co-operatives to compete with the big 2 and that no-one seems to do that, Image comics spring instanlty to mind.
    I subscribe to Comic fuel, and so far i have listened to 3 episodes, theres i just gave up listening to a couple of episodes because they were so dull.

    • Patrick Yurick

      Sorry the listening experience wasn’t all that you’d hoped for. Thanks for the feedback, I take it all very seriously. Hopefully future episodes live up to your expectations. Best, -Patrick

  3. Ayn Roberts

    I really enjoyed the topics discussed – I wish I could have jumped into the conversation because I had SO MANY OPINIONS!!!

  4. Neil Kapit

    I love this podcast. The commentary is great and the inspirational fuel is brilliantly curated. I look forward to listening to more, past and future.

  5. Camila Duran

    I love the idea of this podcast and I’m listening to it as i render pages of my comic, i love the idea of comic fuel, and i definitely need it to keep the jitters at bay now that i’m making my first comic to show the world! so great start!
    however, i grew so incredibly frustrated as you interrupt your guest over and over again, particularly i suppose because you’re talking about women’s voices in comics, and then go and interrupt the woman talking every single time she tries to make a point! i can hear you trying to cut in, and it kinda tells me you’re not really listening but waiting to speak your mind. i know it was said before, and i’m really glad you’re taking these comments into consideration, i just needed to vent about it.
    I know your heart is in the right place, and i love this podcast. but yeah. like others said, let your guest speak!
    don’t lose heart though! you’re doing god’s work with this podcast! this is just one aspect of it


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